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HA Fashion Co combines the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of a Pakistan company with a lean production, keeping samplers and production lines in our country, and delocalizing the great productions in Asia. In this way, we can maintain high standards in design and product quality even at low cost.We work next to clothing, sportswear, Fitness, cycling, leather goods, companies to create the details that make their products unique. Also, we turn to every business sector with our promotional items. Think about where you would like to see your company name: technological gadgets, professional clothing, practical and functional items, or trendy accessories.Any idea you have in mind, we can accomplish it for you, giving your brand and your message the communicative force you are looking for.And if you do not have ideas yet, we will create them together.We like to work closely with our customer and develop with him a customized product that is suited to his needs: control over the entire production cycle, from the choice of raw materials to the finished product, allows us to create fully customized or add your touch to one of our proposals.Our philosophy? Innovate, always: to engage in the search for materials, solutions and working methods to produce stylish, sporty and fashionable products at the same time, without forgetting the eco-sustainability, to give our customers the widest choice and customization.Develop products created by us to talk about you.


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1. Clothing: Boyswear, Underwear, Jumpsuits, Clothing Accessories, Tops, Hosiery, Work Apparel, Baseball Equipment, Coats, Trousers, etc


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worldAsiaEuropeMiddle East

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< $ 1,000,000



General Director (CEO)

Haroon Ahmed


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